Why We Are Different

Cosmetic dentistry  is an art, and just like artists, every cosmetic dentist has their own style. In our office, Dr. Carlson works collaboratively with patients to determine what they want with their new smile, including the shape, color, and size. He then creates an intricate model of the newly designed smile, also known as a wax-up.

A wax-up allows the patient to view the way their new smile will look before the temporary veneers are placed. As always, patients have a chance to evaluate their temporary veneers for up to a few weeks to be sure that they’re happy with them.

The proof is in the photos! Our office is full of before-and-after pictures of our actual dental patients. You won’t find any stock images here!

Our on-site portrait studio allows us to take photos of patients before and after treatment with professional lighting and equipment. We believe in showing patients how natural their new smile can look with porcelain veneers and other services, so photos of real patients are displayed throughout our office.

Over the years, Dr. Carlson has been honored and recognized by many publications and organizations. Most recently, he was recognized as a Super Dentist in Texas Monthly magazine, named one of America’s Top Dentists.

Dr. Carlson also recognizes the need for continuing education in the field of dentistry. Dentistry is constantly evolving, so Dr. Carlson makes it a priority to attend several conferences throughout the year, as well as bring in top trainers to sharpen our team’s skills.

When we close the office to attend training, we are sure to let our patients know that it is all for their benefit – when we stay on top of our game, we’re better able to care for you!

We recently remodeled, so our office provides comfort for our patients and function for our team. Each treatment room offers privacy, as well as a treehouse view through the floor-to-ceiling windows. As patients are seated in our new, comfortable dental chairs, they can view a slideshow of travel photos or simply close their eyes and relax during their dental treatment or cleaning.

The offices alone make you want to smile, but just wait to see how much that smile comes on after you leave the office!

Just a few feet away from our treatment rooms, our in-house lab is a huge benefit to our patients and team alike. When a patient needs a crown or a new smile, Dr. Carlson is able to do all of the work in our office rather than sending it out to be created by an off-site lab. There are many downsides associated with sending out work to another lab, the main one being the loss of customization. The lab technician working on your crown or veneers has never met you and doesn’t know your desires for your new smile. Plus, if you’re not completely happy with the way the veneers look or how the crown fits, then it must be sent back to the lab to be modified or remade. Nobody knows your teeth better than our team!

The CEREC technology that we have available in our office allows Dr. Carlson to make crowns in just one visit, meaning that you will spend less time in our office and more time living your life. As we mentioned before, cosmetic dentistry is an art, so having an in-house lab is like an art studio for Dr. Carlson when he’s working with porcelain to design custom veneers.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most cutting-edge dental offices in all of San Antonio. Dr. Carlson works diligently to update our technology regularly, and he always stays up to date on the best and safest techniques for treating patients.

Some of our most notable pieces of advanced equipment are the CEREC machine, OralID oral cancer screening technology, digital X-rays, and a diode laser used for laser-assisted hygiene care.

Dr. Carlson opened his practice many years ago, and he has helped thousands in the San Antonio community over the years with his dentistry expertise. The practice has remained a family business for over 40 years.

As the practice has evolved, we decided to rebrand in 2014. We then became 5 Star Dental Group, because we are always striving to provide 5-star service to our patients. In conjunction with our new name, we have established our company values that are executed in every interaction with both patients and our team:

  • Integrity
  • Fun
  • Innovative
  • Committed to Excellence
  • Positive
  • Caring
  • Results-oriented

Because of our long-standing history in San Antonio, we have had the fortune of meeting a lot of patients! We love getting to know new patients and hearing the latest life updates from those who have been coming to see us for years.

Simply put, our patients become family. We’ve seen kids grow up and become long-term patients with their own families. One patient even told us that we were “the highlight of living in San Antonio”!

5 Star Dental Group is not only a great place to go for dental work, but it's a great place to work, as evidenced by our loyal team members. The tenure of our staff ranges from 2 years to all the way up to 33 years!

Knowing that we’re changing the lives of our patients is the driving force behind everything we do. Like a well-oiled machine, our small team of 8 executes teamwork (and hard work!) day in and day out.

Warm towels, beverages, bottled water, warm neck pillows, blankets, soothing headphones, fresh-baked cookies – sound like your typical dental office? We didn’t think so.

These small but impactful touches are just a few ways that we are anything but ordinary. Our patients are our priority, and we like to ensure that they’re comfortable during each and every visit.

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