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Easy method for the maintenance of your teeth

If you are looking for the absolute best San Antonio has to offer for teeth whitening,  then look no further than the qualified team at 5 Star Dental Group!

Our take-home whitening products allow you a fast and easy method to get your teeth whitened quickly and without breaking the bank. Instead of going to an office to receive a teeth whitening that uses harsh chemicals and fades over time, our kits are tested to meet your needs, all in the comfort of your home!

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A quick and easy way to instantly improve your smile is simply through teeth whitening. Over time, teeth can get stained from everyday food and drink such as tea, wine, coffee, berries, and more. This staining can cause people to not want to smile, and can create self-confidence issues. In addition, when going on dates or job interviews, brown teeth can create a poor first impression.

Luckily, teeth whitening is a safe and effective technique that has helped many men and women get brighter, whiter teeth. Here at the 5 Star Dental Group in San Antonio, we utilize the Philips Zoom NiteWhite system for long-lasting results.

The Benefits of Take-Home Whitening Kits

Whiten Your Teeth in the Comfort of Your Home

If you’ve gotten your teeth whitened during a one-day office visit, you know that your teeth may quickly yellow.

Also, one-stop teeth whitening sessions often use harsh chemicals that are dangerous for your mouth.

With 5 Star Dental Group’s take-home kits, the process is longer, but the results are better. Our team uses the Philips Zoom NiteWhite system, which offers long-lasting results for our clients.

The system is applied at night, meaning you don’t need to take any time out of your busy day for teeth whitening.

The custom kits usually take between one to weeks, but we assure you that the results will last longer. That means a longer-lasting bright smile for our clients.

The kits we use are custom for clients, meaning we will suggest just how long you should use the product to achieve the desired results. We care about giving our clients the absolute best in teeth whitening in San Antonio, and we’re here to prove it!

Many dental offices offer in-office, one-time procedures for teeth whitening. While these one-time procedures can dramatically lighten teeth in one sitting, your teeth may start to yellow again over time. Plus, the in-office procedure utilizes high concentrations of bleach that can cause extreme sensitivity and pain in certain patients.

With a custom take-home whitening kit, the initial whitening will take one to two weeks, but is comfortable and effective. We will let you know approximately how long you should use the system for in order to achieve the shade you want.

We offer the NiteWhite system, which is designed to be used overnight. This means you don't have to take time out of your day in which you can't speak, eat, or drink due to wearing whitening trays. Simply put the whitening trays on before bed, and let your teeth whiten while you sleep.



Less sensitivity immediately after use

Custom trays

Custom trays can be used for a lifetime

Overnight whitening

Overnight whitening is convenient and comfortable

Gel Customized

The amount of time and whitening gel needed can be customized.

Combining Teeth Whitening and Other Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Teeth whitening can help fix stains, but if you have other concerns with your teeth, you may benefit from a smile makeover. A smile makeover is a combination of different dental procedures to correct functional and cosmetic issues with your teeth for comprehensive results. Common smile makeover procedures include:

  • Porcelain veneers
  • Crowns
  • Fillings

If you get a new crown or veneers, you can choose to have them made in a lighter shade and then bleach the rest of your teeth to match. Veneers and crowns can help correct teeth that are chipped, cracked, or crooked, in addition to being stained.

Other Services for Your Smile

In the event you’re looking for more help than teeth whitening, 5 Star Dental Group also offers a range of “smile makeover” services to fit your needs.

Our range of additional services includes:

  • Porcelain veneers
  • Crowns
  • Fillings

With all of those additional services, we will still provide you custom whitening solutions to ensure that the color of your smile is consistent all the way around.

We honestly care that our clients receive the absolute best smile solutions available. That’s why regardless of what you need, our experienced team will find a solution that matches your needs and budget.

Reach out to us today and learn more about what we have to offer you!

Your San Antonio Teeth Whitening Solution

If you have a big event coming up, or if you're job hunting or jumping back into the dating pool, or if you simply want to take the first step towards a more beautiful, dazzling smile, don't hesitate to contact Dr. Craig Carlson at 210-494-3511 to schedule your free consultation.

With the help of 5 Star Dental Group, you can realize the bright white smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Our take-home custom kits give you the option of whitening your teeth at night instead of wasting time in an office. Also, our kits take longer but don’t use the same chemicals that are common in other teeth-whitening solutions.

If you’re looking for more than just teeth whitening, our team can offer other smile solutions to help you achieve the smile you’re dreaming of.

Interested in learning more about how 5 Star Dental Group is the clear choice for your smile? Contact us today.

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