The Benefits of Straight Teeth

Many people contemplate straightening their teeth and often worry about the cost versus the benefits. There are many incredibly important benefits to having straight teeth.

  1. Increased Confidence and Self-Image!!! It is amazing how much your smile changes your level of confidence. People notice your smile or when you try to cover your smile. Straight teeth make you proud to smile and you start to excel as your confidence rises! When your teeth are straight, your brushing is more effective and hence, your smile improves and your confidence does, too.
  2. Improved Gum Health - Gum disease is no fun and can cause many issues for your health. Better oral hygiene prevents gum disease.
  3. Fewer Headaches - When we have uneven and crowded teeth place so much pressure on the jaw that you end up with headaches often.
  4. Stronger Teeth, Stronger Tissue - It's amazing how many infections you can get in your mouth as a result of your teeth (crooked) pushing against the soft tissue. Your cuts and sores are painful, but infections are downright dangerous.
  5. Strong Teeth, Strong Heart, Longer Life! The better you care for your mouth, the stronger your heart is as tooth decay, and gum disease has been directly linked to heart disease and high blood sugar which are a danger to your overall health.
  6. Speech Improvement - Did you realize that crooked teeth cause speech impediments? This also affects #1 - your speech will have a positive impact on your confidence.

Your health benefits alone are enough to put value over cost. Your self-confidence is imperative to your life, as well! 5 Star Dental is committed to changing lives for the better and would love to help you. Contact us today for more information. 210-876-4745



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