Name Change FAQ

Thank you for all the kind words regarding our practice name change! We’ve received some questions about the future of the practice, which we’ve answered in the link below. Feel free to email us if you have any specific concerns or requests.

Why are you changing the name to 5 Star Dental Group?

We’ve changed our name to better reflect the quality of dental care we strive to provide. Bringing the practice together under the 5 Star Dental Group name reflects our team approach to providing you and your family with the best dental care available.

Is Dr. Carlson retiring?

No, Dr. Carlson has no plans to retire!

Is the practice changing ownership?

No, you will continue to receive the same great service from our terrific staff..

Should payments now be made payable to 5 Star Dental Group instead of Craig Carlson, DDS?

No, you can continue to make checks payable to ‘Craig Carlson, DDS’ or ‘Dr. Craig Carlson.’

Do I as a patient need to do anything?

No, we do not anticipate that any of our patients will be required to do anything in connection with our name change.

Will contact information for 5 Star Dental Group change?

All office telephone and fax numbers will remain the same. Our email has changed to Emails sent to “” will continue to be received.


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