It’s Not You, It’s Your Smile

Landing dates is the easy part. You’re charming, flirtatious, and even a little mysterious. Assuming you met online (via, Tinder, or the like), you’ve probably been able to show your love interest your “best self”. You know what I’m talking about. Your pictures are carefully selected, your responses are thought-out and well-worded, and now you’ve closed the deal and scored a first date. Done! Easy.

Soon enough, your love interest is sitting across from you at the restaurant table and your oh-so-confident self is ready to show them what a catch you are. The date carries on as normal, and when it’s over, you presume that you both had a nice time.

But wait… No call back… No text messages… Not even a response on (enter dating site here). Was it something you said? Did they see your embarrassing ankle tattoo? Is it because you’re not a cat person?

Wrong, my friend. The harsh reality of it is that it’s not’s your smile.

In a survey conducted by Daily Mail, more than half of 5,500 singles ranked teeth as the most important characteristic of a potential date. More specifically, 60 percent of men said they cared most about nice teeth, and 71 percent of women said a smile was the most important feature. Your smile says a lot about you. From your hygiene habits, to your confidence levels, and even your personal success; a smile can suggest a variety of things.

Perhaps your teeth are a bit crooked, discolored, worn down, or full of unwanted spaces. While these are common issues that many people face, they are seen as major imperfections in the eyes of most singles. Those seeking love tend to search for the best possible partners mentally, emotionally, and physically. Unfortunately, a displeasing physical appearance can hinder your chances of people wanting to get to know you on deeper levels.

Your solution? Cosmetic dentistry! That’s right, you know you’ve been thinking about it. Through the use of custom porcelain veneers, cosmetic dentistry can dramatically improve your smile and give you a gorgeous set of teeth that’ll be sure to land you that second date. We’ve seen cosmetic dentistry boot people’s confidence, help advance their career, and even take years off their appearance; imagine what it could do for your love life!

With a new and radiant smile, the dating scene will become a whole new world of opportunity! Don’t wait to take control of your love life, and make an appointment to restore your smile. Contact 5 Star Dental today!


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