How Your Smile Affects Your Career

While it would be ideal to believe that all applicants, employees, and otherwise are judged equally despite appearances, this--unfortunately--is not the case. Most professionals place a large amount of emphasis on an employee's appearance; the first and most important aspect being their smile.

Your smile is most often the first impression that colleagues get of you, and because we all know how much first impressions count, it is important that you make your smile convey the message you want it to. Rice University recently discovered that aspiring professionals with dissatisfying facial appearances were challenged with additional obstacles during interviews, and occasionally in the workplace. Facial imperfections can result in distraction amongst co-workers, which negatively affects your capabilities in the eyes of your associates.

In the study conducted by Rice University, those with poor dental care were seen as less credible, attentive, and ultimately qualified. These impressions that a poor smile have can be hurtful to aspiring professionals seeking a career. It is essential to have a care plan for your mouth in mind if you are looking to advance your professional life.

Fortunately, there is a solution. 5 Star Dental Group is a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are able to transform any set of teeth into a beautiful and radiant smile, no matter what their original condition may be. You smile shouldn't be a source of insecurity, nor should it hold you back from achieving everything that you are capable of. Let your smile convey your strength and confidence, and consequently, watch your professional life soar! You have the tools and resources necessary to make a positive change in your career; take advantage of an opportunity to improve yourself.


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