Halitosis – What You Can Do if It Happens to You

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Morning breath is bad enough as is, but the insecurities that come with it can pose a different problem – especially if you struggle with the ongoing effects of Halitosis. This disease may be the breeding ground for chronic bad breath but has no right to bully you into a corner, forcing you to hide your radiant smile from the world around you. Visiting your cosmetic dentist in San Antonio can serve as the most effective remedy. But before doing so, see if these seven quick tips help you on the road to a healthier mouth so that you can bear your pearly whites – without the fear of odor.

Don’t Forget the Tongue

The biggest mistake that you can make when brushing your teeth is forgetting to clean your tongue. Few people realize just how much buildup occurs on their tongue – daily. But as you go about the day – and lay down to sleep at night – you must take out time, both morning and evening, to make sure your tongue is just as clean as your teeth. This can be one of the biggest culprits for several dental issues.

Be Sure and Floss

Floss is something that a number of us neglect, but for those living with Halitosis, it can serve as their saving grace. Build up doesn’t just happen on the surface of your teeth, but in between the cracks. This only contributes to your mouth by worsening its condition; however, flossing twice a day can keep residue away – and help your mouth stay fresh. It’s also best to do this in-between – or after meals – so that you rid yourself of any debris that might be wearing on your teeth.

Avoid Caffeine and Sugar

Coffee and sugar-filled treats might be pleasurable in your tummy, but can be a hassle on your mouth. These aid in the buildup of plaque – or bacteria – which in turn attacks your enamel. The worst possible combination is when you mix certain junk foods, such as candy, with carbonated soft drinks. All of these items may taste good at the moment, but a diet high in sugar can cause a plethora of problems for those living with Halitosis.

Keep Your Mouth Moist

No matter whether you’re young – or older – you may find yourself struggling with dry mouth. Some people have health issues that contribute to this – such as anxiety – but for those who don’t, a lack of saliva can cause one’s Halitosis to worsen. That’s why you must eat foods that help tackle the uncomfortable feeling that comes with dry mouths – such as fruit. Since several fruits contain water, this not only relieves your mouth but hydrates you in the process.

Stay Hydrated

One of the biggest culprits for Halitosis is not drinking enough water. Many of us have heard that we are supposed to drink at least eight cups a day – give or take – but in not doing so, we not only neglect our bodies as a whole but our mouths as well. That’s why it’s essential to drink lots of water – since it acts as an agent for fighting bacteria. This can help your teeth, and mouth, stay a whole lot healthier and enable you to rid yourself of the embarrassment of bad breath – that comes with Halitosis.

Clean Braces, Dentures, & Retainers

When brushing your teeth, always remember that it’s not a race. Take your time, especially if you have braces, dentures, a retainer, or any other form of dental appliance. With these, it becomes quite easy for the hidden buildup to position itself within the nooks and crevices. You may then begin to experience bad breath that can be easily avoided through the upkeep and maintenance of your appliances.

Visit Your Local Dentist

Don’t bypass your friendly dentist visit, especially if you find that you’ve tried these seven quick tips with no results. There may be a bigger problem at play – that only a health professional in the dental field will be able to help you with. There could be an underlying issue that you might not even be aware of unless you go in for an examination. In doing so, you can be free of chronic bad breath – that comes with Halitosis – and be back on the road to maintaining a healthy mouth.

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