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Let me begin by saying that I purposely avoid the dentist office. I am vain and care for my teeth but the thought of any dental work, whether it be getting x-rays, cleaning, needing veneers or even helping my own problem with TMJ scares me. I was referred to 5 Star Dental Group so I thought, I'm 46 and I can't remember the last time I got a cleaning. I am a parent and am obsessed with making sure my own children get their teeth clean, braces on but when it came to my own teeth, I just didn't have the time or I allowed my anxiety get the better of me.

Let me give you a breakdown of my experience with 5 Star Dental Group:

I called the office and spoke to probably one of the nicest persons on Earth, Mary Jo. She gave me a detailed description of what I should expect and we scheduled an appointment.

The morning of the appointment: I walked in with many butterflies as I explained my anxiety of dentist offices. 5 Star is not just a dentist office. It is a Cosmetic Dentist office that the moment you walk into, you feel as you are being embraced with comfort, kindness, and pure professionalism. My butterflies calmed immediately as I was given a tour of the office. Every single person stopped to say hello and treated me as if I was family. I was introduced to the dental hygienist, Karen who would be taking care of me.

Karen was beyond amazing as she walked me through the entire procedure which makes a world of difference. She then took x-rays and the entire time showed true concern for my comfort level. There was never a time in the entire visit where I was in pain because she was so attentive to me. It is a little embarrassing but I truly felt like my mouth had gone to the spa. I try so hard to take care of my nails, hair and stay fit but why have I avoided my teeth. Our teeth are so important to our health, self-confidence and overall well-being. I also heard back from them the next day as they wanted to make sure I felt well and to let me know the results of my x-rays.

I highly recommend 5 Star Dental Group as they are truly the most caring, professional and efficient dental office I have ever dealt with. I now realize my anxiety was a result of not choosing the correct dental office. I will never go anywhere but to 5 Star Dental Group! Thank you to the entire staff. OH, I also got a welcome bag with amazing goodies. I find myself flossing twice to three times a day now and brushing more carefully. (I wasn't big on flossing before!) They have made me proud of my smile with just one visit. Do not hesitate, contact them today so you can take your mouth to the spa! If you need anything from cleaning, fillings, fractured teeth, worn teeth, stained, darkened teeth, crooked teeth, to veneers, 5 Star is the place for you! Tell them if Gina loved them, you know you will too!

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